Sunday, December 27, 2015

Cravings and Candy

Change cravings to the comfort and pleasures of self-respect in 15 minutes. 

Every emotional dip on the roller coaster of living is a time of heightened cravings. Family and friends ask, what do you want? Our classic response is emotional, physical and social! When teased by sweets, we see food not only with our eyes, but also with our heart. Intuitive eaters use dignity to tune-in and trust their gut/heart response.

If you expect to be in a stressful eating environment, eat a hard boiled egg before you go out. It will take the edge off of your hunger, provide healthy protein and is an easy way to know you're in control of what you eat.

Did you know it takes a full 15 minutes for your brain to know that your stomach has had a sweet treat?  Use that 15 minutes to give yourself times to socialize or relax! This way you will give your head time it needs recognizes if you still are physically craving sweets. What will happens during the 15 minutes is, your other priorities will become exciting. Try it! You will be surprised.  

You might just eat 1/2 of what you crave and then use the 15 minute rule before you go for more. During your 15 minutes, imagine how you feel when you take control of your choices. You feel pretty good!  When you're hit with emotional stress, keep an open mind, stay clear about what matters to you. 

Everyone is unique. Eating is a personal experience. Trust your physical process to be the best you can be. Acknowledge cravings and stay clear about what matters to you in the long run at the same time. Eat less, taste more because you can. While you eat a piece of chocolate, be sure to really taste and enjoy it. Make your senses and loving your body a priority when you eat. 

The difference between intuitive eating and eating 'unhealthy' cravings is, you feel good about yourself an hour after you eat with dignity. When bullied by emotional eating demands, you feel lousy about yourself an hour later.

You can balance what you crave with what you need. Eating a square of chocolate because it makes you feel good and you like the way it tastes, is healthy. Chocolate is an anti-oxident. Your body uses anti oxidents help to clean pollution from your system.  Craving to eat something can mean that your body needs it. Yes, even chocolate!  You can work with and satisfy your body by trusting what you sense in your gut.  

Social, emotional needs, and physical needs are equally important. We all crave and need respect and affection.  The first person to get if from is you. Respond to your needs by going after what you really want. Make yourself happy

Learn more practical tips for eating intuitively, by knowing  how to take control of what pushes your buttons with Am I Really Hungry - 6th sense eating. As always, feel free to reach out to me if you have any questions! You are amazing.
Trust your process. 
Intuitively you know what makes you feel good.

Saturday, July 4, 2015

The Sensual Connection

Everything you sense connects with what you feel, what you know and what you want. Think with your senses and feel with your mind. Don't be a slave to diet dogma. Learn to eat intuitively and watch your body respond. 

You want to have a certain look. You need to eat, too! What's the connection?  It's you! What you sense is your connection.  Notice what you notice to connect with what feels good.

When you feel good about yourself, it's easier to have patience with your eating choice. Feeling good tunes you into being kind to yourself.  It's how you give yourself permission to be your best.

Intuitive eating is all about you. Being unhappy with the way you look means it's time to change the way you treat yourself. Notice what you notice.

  • Binging is a way of beating yourself up.  It's like banging your head against the wall.
  • Rushing through a meal is like inhaling calories. When you rush, your body doesn't have time to feel full.
  • Sneaking a bag of cookies is like poisoning yourself. It's doing to yourself the opposite of what will make you feel good.
You deserve to feel respect. The first person you need to get it from is you!
  • Eat for energy or do not eat.  This is different from eating just because you're hungry. Try it!
  • Share the pleasure of eating. When you really like what you're eating, pause to taste it better. Then, talk about the satisfaction you feel.
  • At parties, put something you don't like on your plate. Instead of eating, carry it around and talk to people. BUT don't talk about food or eating. Parties are for feeding social hunger. Don't let food get in the way of finding social satisfaction.
Still not happy with what you see in the mirror? 
  • Wear a different color.
  • Smile at yourself.
  • Vow to respect your body and your heart at the same time. Since your body is the home of your heart, this makes a lot of sense.
If you feel like you've gained weight, you can be sure you're gained some bad habits. Bad habits are often created by stress.  Take the pressure off by giving yourself a chance to eat intuitively. Time is your tool. Take time to notice what makes you feel good about yourself.
  • Eat less, chew more.
  • Take control by being kind to yourself.
  • Recognize self-defeating eating habits and decide you've had enough!

Sunday, May 31, 2015

Eating With Patience

Do you eat fast? Do you know why?
Every day someone mentions to me the difficulty of being patient with themselves. 

We only live this life once. Dig-in to food with passion. Tune-in to flavor. How you eat is a mirror of how deeply you taste your life. How hungry are you? 

Eating is intuitive; you eat to survive. By using patience to notice taste and smell, you will find self-control that leads to satisfaction. Intuitive eating  is an easy sensual flow of anticipation and connection. 

Everything in our lives and bodies has cycles. Eating really fast means we miss the point, which is to find pleasure with our senses at the same time we nourish our body. When we tune in to flavor, texture, scent and size of what we're eating, our mind calibrates pace.  

What you sense keeps you on track. Studies done by The HeartMath Institute show that our heart and brain are in constant communication. As you eat with patience, you naturally eat less. Sensual intuitive eating is your connection with self-control. 

People who devour their meals, are often responding to social pressure or unconscious fears. Fear and pressure make us needy. Being needy reveals fear that we call insecurity. Insecurity turns into a need to devour. 

Tuning-in to your senses, by using patience when you eat, changes fear to self-respect

The fact is, the only thing we control is how we think. When you notice what you sense, you are thinking with your senses. People who eat without tasting and only stop when they notice the plate is empty, are not in touch with their sensuality. 

Our senses keep us connected with physical reality we need to understand patience. Patience is the door to the house that is your soul, where you care about your body. The key to the door is simply to trust what your sense. Do this when you eat by noticing how the food tastes and smells. 

Patience is an intuitive filter that guides you to honor yourselfAnimals devour, Gods celebrate. Celebrate your life by tasting what you eat, seeing who you love and trusting the rhythm of your heart. Tune-in to what you sense and let sensuality set your pace. 

Sunday, January 25, 2015

6th sense eating

6th sense eating is a collaboration of your body with your head, heart and mind. It's using the truth you can see, taste, smell and feel to notice what you notice and tune-in to what feels good to you. 

Don't be trapped by a diet. Instead, find ways to feel good and feel dignified at the same time. Sensual intuitive eating is the natural way to think creatively about your needs. There are smart options everywhere. Think for yourself. Only you know what feels good. 

 Here's part of a list called 27 Easy Ways to Eat Healthier on Stumble Upon .
  • make healthy 3-ingredient pancakes:  bananas, eggs + peanut butter
  • make shakes with dates instead of sugar
  • use fruit instead of syrup on top of pancakes
  • spread avocado instead of mayo to moisten sandwich
  • bake zucchini instead of french fries
  • freeze grapes for snacks instead of candy
  • use yogurt instead of mayo in salads
  • dip in Greek yogurt instead of sour cream
  • sprinkle with nutritional yeast instead of cheese
  • use potatoes instead of cream in soup
  • use liquid aminos instead of cheese on pasta
  • add grains to chili instead of meat
  • make meatballs with oats instead of bread crumbs 
It’s easy to combine the simplicity of what you sense, the honesty of what you feel with your mind, and the anchor of what you know from experience, to be a 6th sense eater. Living well requires us to taste our dreams, inhale our desires and roll with our moments. If you feel frustrated around eating, then it may be a result of over-thinking. Learn to think with your senses and feel with your mind. Be liberated by being true to yourself.  It's simple.

Know yourself better: Intuitive Thinking

“The two most important days in your life are the day you are born and the day you find out why.” ~ Mark Twain.


Saturday, January 17, 2015

Got time?

Got time? I don't know anyone who feels they have enough time. 

Eating seems to be something people jam in, almost without thinking.The idea of healthy eating feels like an added time-consuming burden. When we weigh the results of bad eating habits at the scale, it's obvious that healthy eating habits can save time.
  • Intuitive eating is eating to please your body, your palate, and your frame of mind. It's intuitive to seek the best quality of life. Make things easy when it comes to eating and maintaining your weight. Eating breakfast brings the feeling of getting more time by starting your day with a rhythm of purpose. Begin by noticing what you notice.
    • Give yourself a solid foundation by eating breakfast.
    • Use the time, while you eat each morning, to notice how your body feels, how your clothes fit, and to think about what makes you happy. 
    • By eating breakfast, you won't need to take time to snack during the morning and you won't have a mid-morning dip in energy to slow you down. 
    • Importantly, by having breakfast, you won't need to gorge at lunchtime.
Does lunch or dinner turn into business meetings? Talking more means eating less. Having breakfast, protects you from excess hunger and excess weight.You have more time to do business, gossip or generally socialize. By feeding your body a solid foundation at the start of the day, you have time to feed your social, personal and professional needs without the distraction of hunger.

Try these suggestions to make time feel lighter:
  • Breakfast:  
    • No-cook overnight oatmeal is easy to make in advance and is fortifying in the morning. Add some orange juice to create a power breakfast. 
  • Lunch:
    • If you skimp on breakfast and are 'starved' for lunch, take a few deep breaths to remember that hunger comes from your body, not your mind. 
      • Have a protein-packed sandwich. This can be cheese, steak, fish, tofu or any kind of burger. Take just one bite and put it down on the plate. Chew, swallow and take a drink of water. 
      • Often, when we're 'starving', our body is really thirsty. Water has zero calories and it's what your body wants. Do this with every bite and you will have eaten a quick and satisfying, hearty lunch.
    • If you have a salad for lunch, remember to take the dressing on the side. 
      • Dressing often makes salads high calorie, so be stingy with it. Once you add any dressing, toss your salad before you eat it. You will be amazed at how little is required to get the 'taste.' Even with a salad, your body needs water. Water helps burn calories by lubricating your metabolism.
  • Dinner
    • If you are going to eat, you must taste what's on the plate. This sensual experience automatically will help you eat less.
      •  What you choose to eat should be balanced and visually appealing.The point is to enjoy the taste and give your body fuel. 
      • If you have no time, cut your portions in half.  Then, follow the same process as outlined for lunch:  take a bite, put your fork down and take a swallow of water. Eating less means less calories, and drinking some water between bites means you are less likely to have indigestion. 
Intuitive eating is being kind to yourself by protecting your body.  Give yourself some time. Learn to use intuitive tools to change your habits into free time. Learn to drink water when you eat because it has no calories, helps you feel full, and your body needs it.

"Getting my lifelong weight struggle under control has come from a process of treating myself as well as I treat others in every way."   Oprah Winfry
Download  Am I Really Hungry? 6th Sense Diet to learn tips and tricks for eating intuitively.

Monday, December 29, 2014

The Most Powerful 2015 New Year's Resolution

Make this new year's resolution: "I will not doubt my inner sense of truth. "

Your intuition is more powerful than manipulative emotions because it connects with the truth. Emotions connect with what you wish was true, while intuition keeps you in touch with what is real. That's why you can feel deeply emotional around food and 'know intuitively' not to eat it. Intuitive tools, like determination, courage and dignity, protect and guide you away from self-defeating emotional eating.

Hunger is a physical reality. Binging is an emotional trap that treats your body like a second-class citizen. Ending emotional traps is intuitive. Intuition works with your body. When you use it to make eating choices, you tune in to self-respect and physical needs. Intuitive eating creates a safety zone of balance.

Use these questions to 'hear' your intuitive inner voice, your inner sense of truth.

  • Does eating this leave me feeling physically comfortable, satisfied and healthy?
    • If the answer is yes, then focus on comfort, satisfaction and health while you eat. These are intuitive.
    • You can feel when you've had enough by working with your body. 
      • Intuition balances what you think and what you want, with what you know and how you feel. Your inner intuitive voice filters out the truth.
  • Why am I eating this? 
    • Be honest with yourself about trusting your intuition. 
      • The fact is, intuition is always protective. If a choice doesn't feel 'right', it's not your intuition; it's emotional manipulation.
        • It's powerful to take control of self-defeating emotions, but it's not hard. Things that are wrong, crumble easily.
      • Learn  to feel dignity in your heart and respond to that feeling.
      • Take control this year by being courageous. 
        • You are stronger than anger or disappointment. You are stronger than sadness. 
      • Give yourself a space to be determined. Go for a short walk to cool off. Reset your perspective by noticing what you sense. Remember, the only reason to eat is because you are physically hungry.
  • What do I really want? 
    • If this is confusing, then write down what you really want and put the piece of paper where you can look at it any time.
      • Adopt an attitude of self-respect with determination and stick with it. Get what you want this year. It's time! 
    • Comfort, satisfaction and health create quality of life. Eat less, chew more. Tune in  to intuitive attitudes to feel your intuition. Even if you've ignored it your whole life, you have it. 
Remember to focus on comfort, satisfaction, and health when you eat. Use determination and self-respect to follow through with what feels 'right' Be dignified and you will stay in control. Every morning when you wake up say, "I will not doubt my inner sense of truth. " You will be a different person in 12 months!

Monday, December 15, 2014

Inner Peace

Inner peace begins with intuitive thinking. 

Intuitive tools find your inner guidance system.

Take attitudes of courage, dignity, tenacity and self-respect to holiday parties.

Hunger is a physical reality. Binging is an emotional trap. Fighting emotional traps is intuitive. When you make an intuitive choice, it feels 'right'. Your intuition 'has your back.' Powerful intuitive tools bring freedom from emotional eating.

Holidays push our buttons. Anyone who has eaten food for emotional support knows the result is disappointment. Emotional eating is a trap. There is a way out.  The 6th Sense Diet  brings inner peace by revealing new solutions and understanding that change your relationship with your body from stress to satisfying. Putting pressure on yourself will be over.

Emotional eating or binging happens when we feel bad or sorry for ourselves. Even though the media would have us think differently, food is not a band-aid. It cannot mend a broken heart or make a mean person nice. Reality is that Life can be painful, unfair and hard. Responding to pain by eating more changes nothing; instead, we feel worse.

When emotions guide food choices, there is no inner peace. Intuition bypasses emotions. That's why we can feel deeply emotional around food and 'know' we're wrong to eat it. Using intuitive tools like tenacity, courage and dignity are your surprisingly reassuring anchor to personal peace. It's personal power.

  Three questions to ask yourself for inner peace:
  • Does eating this leave me feeling physically comfortable, satisfied and healthy?
    • If the answer is yes, then focus on comfort, satisfaction and health while you eat. 
    • You will feel when you're had enough. This is feeling your mind working with your body. 
      • Intuition balances what you want with what you know and what you feel. Power eating is listening to your intuition.
  • Why am I eating this? 
    • Being honest with yourself is the beginning of trusting your intuition
      • The fact is, intuition is always protective. Trust it.
      • Feel dignity in your heart and listen to that feeling.
      •  If you're eating to satisfy emotions, stop. Decide to take control by being courageous. 
        • You are stronger than anger or disappointment. You are stronger than sadness. 
        • It's powerful to take control of self-defeating emotions, but it's not hard. Things that are wrong, crumble easily.
      • Give yourself a smile of determination. Go for a short walk to cool off. Reset your perspective. The only reason to eat is because you're hungry.
  • What do I really want? 
    • You want to fight it. No one wants to be a slave to emotions. Eating, weight maintenance, diet, work, family, responsibilities - all of these weigh on us 24/7. We need help to be strong. We don't have a lot of time to cook. Write down what you really want and put the piece of paper where you can look at it any time.
      • Adopt an attitude of determination and stick with it. Get what you want. Comfort, satisfaction and health create quality of life. Eat less; chew more. Attitude is powerful.
    • FitsMe is a Web app that helps you find meals and create plans that fit your diet. Tell the site your food restrictions, likes, and dislikes and it serves up recipes to satiate even your pickiest preferences. It can save time and help you plan. 
Peace comes when you focus on comfort, satisfaction, and health while you eat. Natural courage to zap fear and overcome doubts is part of your intuition. Determination and self-respect to follow through with what feels 'right', complete the picture. Be dignified when you eat. Find your inner peace; it's intuitive.
 "Anything is possible if you've got enough nerve." JK Rowlings

Saturday, December 6, 2014

Take 15 minutes to relax.

Time to relax in mid-December? Really!? 

You want to do the right thing which is - not gain weight that your body doesn't need. You are committed to looking your best. So what happens? This is what happens to me: stress, deadlines, bills, social commitments, etc., and before I know it, I need to relax and get back my perspective of what I want.

Of course, I want to do the right thing. It's not always easy. Everything I want is not always available. When it gets to the point of not remembering what my last meal was, I know I need an intuitive pause.  I need some alone time to notice what I notice. Simple stuff, like tuning-in to the smell of perfume, the itch of my sweater or the fact that I'm exhausted helps me feel less confusion and more in touch with my priorities. Thinking with my senses resets my point of view. My favorite kind of alone time involves eating.

I tune-in to my intuition when I eat a snack alone. I choose something healthy that I enjoy.  Today it is a piece of crusty bread with a tablespoon of peanut butter smeared across it and some yummy honey spread delicately on top.

  • I look at it and take a breath:
    • to realize how lucky I am to have it.
    • to see how much I took and if the portion is what I really want to eat.
  • To make it last longer, I take small bites instead of eating the whole thing in three large mouthfuls.
    • By chewing extra and savoring it with my tongue, the flavor has more kick. Nice.
    • Because the size of the bites is small, I stay focused on chewing and my non-food related emotional tension is relaxing. Focusing on the food for it's flavor has liberated me from the dragon of stress.
    • I'm enjoying myself. :)
I try this again a different day with an energy bar and a cup of coffee. The decision to take smaller bites (or sips) and to see and savor what I eat, again, resets my perspective and is ultimately relaxing! Because of the way we are wired, eating with smaller bites resets every part of our being. Who knew it was possible to relax in mid-December?

When you need to exit the discomfort of stress fueled exhaustion without being self-destructive, take 15 minutes to relax and have a pleasing snack.
  • Take small bites. Chew each well before you swallow. Enjoy the personal satisfaction of self-control.
  • Let part of your tongue tease your sense of taste until you feel pleased.
  • Be grateful you are not homeless or hungry this holiday season.
For practical intuitive solutions that are common sense for maintaining a your healthy weight, download: Am I Really Hungry? 6th Sense Diet : Intuitive Eating
and overcome eating challenges.
"If you can't solve a problem, it's because you're playing by the rules." P. Arden

Monday, November 24, 2014

Just say No.

                Keep Calm and Just Say, No.

The way to say No in an environment where there is a lot of tempting food is to tune-in with your senses. Notice what you notice. Don't let food choices push any emotional buttons. Open a channel of honesty between your desires and your needs by staying in touch with how your body feels. Use the intuitive tool called patience to stay in touch with your goals. 

Patience comes with surprises, so don't worry about the unexpected. You will discover that patience is an emotional stress buster that makes it easy to say No to fattening foods and the pressure to eat. Being patient is how to give yourself inner permission to be flexible and avoid abusive eating.

Use these three types of patience to take control of eating choices.

GIVE YOURSELF CREDIT!  Be patient with yourself to stop self-defeating habits. Taking a pause before digging in will get you surprise admiration from others and results you want.
  • This means, before you commit to a meal, check in with self-respect. Notice if you feel dignified. Notice if you're really hungry.
  • Look at the food on your plate. Do you like the picture? Are being honest with yourself about what feels right?
IGNORE THE CLOCK. Patience with timing is not about waiting. It's about doing what you need to do to get where you want to go. Your body is on its own internal clock. If everyone else is filling up but you don't need to eat, then just say No to uncomfortable food choices.
  • Rushing when you eat cancels natural digestion in your mouth and is an automatic way to eat more than you need. 
  • Patience with timing allows events and people to catch up with your inner drive. There are no shortcuts to quality. 
  • Good timing, when it comes to eating, means taking time to make it good for you. 
TURN OFF SOCIAL PRESSURE. Patience with others has limits. Self-respect is the first instinct of intuitive thinking. Patience with others means acknowledging differences and maintaining your boundaries
  • If someone is pushing your button and disrespectful, sometimes it's best to just say Thank you and Good-bye. What you eat is personal. Being polite and at the same time respecting yourself, is being patient. 
  • If you are attending a buffet, carry a plate of radishes, pickles or celery around. Say No to carrying around temptation.
  • No and yes are equally important for staying in tune with your personal power. Take control by saying No to what doesn't feel right. 
Think less, sense more. Take control by flexing your self-respect muscle. Take time to be true to you. In time, this will bring you just what you need to stay in control.

Sunday, November 16, 2014

Three Reasons to Eat Leftovers

Three Reasons to Eat Leftovers

Leftovers taste good. Often, flavors are deeper. With Thanksgiving around the corner, start planning your second taste now. When you store leftovers, be sure to refrigerate them in proper containers and to heat before you enjoy them the second time around.  As a general rule, don't keep leftovers more than 4 days.

1. Eat less.  

If you're a fan of take out, then you know the portions today are bigger than your fist*.  This is because our plates are bigger than they were 20 years ago. The fact is, most of us overeat because the food is there to consume. The next time you have take-out, before you start eating, put half away for another day.  The next time you prepare a meal that has over-sized portions, slim it down and save those goodies for another day.

2. Save time and money.

Spend less time grocery shopping, cooking and cleaning up.  Chances are you work hard and are often too tired at dinner time to focus on portion size or even home cooking. Once a week, make a meal (roast chicken, lasagna, hearty soup or stew) that can be a source of healthy eating for more than one meal. Divide it up by portions and then, know when you come home tired, the work is done and a healthy delicious meal is waiting for you.

3. Health Benefits.

Food is live nutrition. That's why we seek fresh food. Always smell your leftovers to make sure they are fresh. Then, enjoy the ease and benefit of a precooked meal.  
  • Interesting fact: Recent studies show that reheated pasta is better for you. Why? While cooled pasta has just as many calories as freshly cooked hot pasta, the starches become more resistant, which means lower levels of glucose, which keeps blood sugar in check.
Some people balk at the 'thought' of eating leftovers. If someone in your home feels this way, add something extra for the second round, such as a fresh ingredient or different spices. It's easy to turn a stew into a curry and just as simple to make chicken hash or a pasta dish using leftover roast chicken.

Pizza freezes well and is a nutritious leftover for when there is no time or desire to cook.

 Image result for images of pizza

*Eating portions the size of your fist is considered best for staying our optimum weight. In fact, when your stomach is empty, it is the size of your fist!


Sunday, November 9, 2014

Afternoon Pick-up

If a 'junk food' represents comfort, and you know that and eat it in moderation, is it still 'bad' for you?

Only you know the answer. Listen to your body and check in with common sense.

The secret to looking and feeling great is balancing what you want with how you feel. Give yourself emotional and physical balance to tune-in to your body and reduce stress.  Junk stands for justifying what feels emotionally satisfying. You don't need to justify your emotional needs. Instead, be kind to yourself.

The habit of having a 'junk food' in the afternoon because it's easy, is like ignoring a red light because you don't like the color. Ignoring the reality of effects of junk food or red lights is equally devastating. Tune-in to what you sense. The point of seeing and feeling is to respond. The more you do, the more balanced your life will be.

Take cues from your body. Eat for energy and health. Responding to what you sense is being kind to yourself. Sometimes you need a physical pick-up in the afternoon and blood sugar will drop. The result is a 'down' feeling. If you need a "pick-up" every afternoon, then try these:
  • Eat a good breakfast; then, have lunch an hour later than usual. Make sure lunch includes protein.
  • Instead of eating a candy bar, leave the room to take a 3 minute walk/stretch to refresh your body. This refreshes your state of mind.
  • Drink a glass of water: if you don't 'like' water, mix in a small amount of fruit juice for a flavor you find satisfying, but make sure at least 2/3 or the mixture is water. 
If you are still hungry, eat what you want  and stop when you feel satisfied. To know when you're satisfied, make a commitment to enjoy the taste of your comfort food of choice.
  • Decide to enjoy a candy bar or other treat by eating it slower. Put it down between bites. 
  • Really savor the flavor and notice the taste with your tongue. Notice how your stomach feels.
  •  Don't feel compelled to finish the whole thing. Why not save half for another day?
Healthy living stands for happiness and energy. Happiness is not a constant and it's not rigid. That's why intuitive eaters are flexible about food choices. When you need a pick-up, get it. It's important to nourish your whole self. Think with your senses. They are a gift of life that keeps you in touch with the pleasure of taste, touch, smell and sound. Eating is sensual. Make the most of it!


Thursday, October 30, 2014

Is eating self-control a myth?

Your body controls itself and has complete control over how fast it burns fat.

If you want to trim some pounds or take control of eating, tune-in to your body.

If you force yourself to lose weight, you are violating natural physical laws. Your body will rebel by holding on to fat. The path for physical self-control is to connect with your needs by being patient with yourself. Use dignity and your 5 senses to be clear about what feels right. 
Using a book or diet method to force yourself into 'healthy' eating misses the point of noticing what your body needs. There is no such thing as 'one size fits all' eating. Everyone's body is unique.
'Self-control' imposed by ideas or rules feels like a threat to your body. That kind of self-control is a myth. Feeling threatened puts your body in the survival mode where there is no self-control.
  • Everyone is physically programmed for survival. That's why your body can force you to eat, breathe or sleep. 
  • Your body is designed hold on to fat any time it decides that being fat is the best way to keep you safe. That's what ultimately decides how much you weigh - not your conscience, a diet program or a book. 
For genuine eating self-control, get to know your body. Tune in with your senses and notice what you notice. You will discover you abuse your body. That is something you can control. Use intuitive eating to enhance your observations. The better you know yourself, the more automatic it becomes to eat in sync with the body you want.
Take a deep breath today and realize that your body is talking to you.
Begin this way:
  • Be picky. Nourish your body every day by only eating what you really want. 
  • Be personal. Listen with your senses to your heart and body. Respond to your needs.
  • Take charge. Visualize and imagine your healthy fit body, exactly the way you want to look and feel before you get out of bed in the morning and before every meal. 
  • Feed that body.
Learn how to tune-in to your body by using your senses. Learn to understand your eating needs. Download: Am I Really Hungry? 6th sense diet : intuitive eating. You'll be happy you did!

Sunday, October 19, 2014

Speed and Eating

Speed makes us lose our edge. Eating fast ignores your body's natural timing by bypassing enzymes in the mouth. Speed eating is what animals do who fear for their lives. Do you eat fast because you are afraid? Slow down and breathe more. You are stronger than fear.

Speed kills the pleasure of eating. Let's be honest here. Do you really get enough pleasure in your life? If not, then eat slower by chewing more and learn to savor the pleasure of flavor with your tongue. Chewing more has its benefits. When you really taste your food, you eat less! Nice.

There was a diet fad in the late 19th century that promoted chewing more to lose weight. Chewing more slows down how fast we eat, which in our busy lives means we eat less. Studies show "those who chew more consume 12% less food". Research shows that cutting 12% of your calories consumed could result in losing 25 pounds in a year. Not bad.  
Use curiosity and self-respect to protect yourself from speed eating.
Talking more at mealtime is another way to slow down how fast you eat. Be social! We're entering a season of parties where eating slowly and enjoying the experience of taste is an easy way to protect you from putting on pounds.

Everyone is concerned about maintaining health and weight during the party season. Pause between bites and talk more to others to feed emotional and social hunger. Here are some food facts about healthy eating to start conversations. 
Did you know?
Chocolate: dark (at least 60%) is best for health; enjoy a few bites.
Nuts: just a small handful, well chewed, gives us long-term energy.
Pumpkin & Sweet Potatoes:  are mega vitamins for our immune system.
Pomegranate:  is an anti-inflammatory that benefits the nervous system & inhibits tumor cell growth.
Cinnamon: helps maintain healthy blood sugar levels and is also anti-bacterial.
Cranberries: are high in vitamin C; eat in moderation.
Nutmeg:  in small amounts can enhance sleep and regulate anxiety.
Brussels Sprouts: protect against cancer.

Friday, October 3, 2014

Plan for Eating Self-Control

The holiday season is in front of us. There will be parties, stress and eating temptation.
Let this plan become your habit and enjoy the season. 
  • Be curious with your heart and your head.
  • Ignore the ‘inner baby’ who just wants to eat. That inner baby is unhappy and a bully.
  • Take control of holiday eating by being loyal to your heart.
  • When an eating choice doesn’t feel good, it’s bad. 
  • Trust your gut.

The holiday season is coming. Use intuition to take control of eating choices.
Curiosity is the natural intuitive search for comfort, understanding and stimulation.  Loyalty is the guideline for intuitive self-respect. Together, they are your plan for eating self-control.

 Be curious. Demand, expect and create the quality of life you want by sensing what will work for you. Don’t deny your pleasures. Instead, take control by eating in moderation. This holiday season:
  • Check in with your heart and curiosity to stay in control of smart choices.
  • Spend time satisfying social hunger by talking, dancing and catching up with old friends.
Streamline your life by knowing that when you are at parties, you can use curiosity to:
  • Eat less, but eat variety.
  • Take 'tastes' and savor them.
  • Pause to notice what you eat.
Use loyalty to
  • Notice your body and heart. Trust your intuition.   
  • Ignore your ‘inner baby’ emotions.
  • Stay in tune with your gut. 

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Use curiosity and self-respect to get rid of guilt and end binging.

Use your senses to notice what you notice.

Be loyal to you to avoid emotional eating

Be curious. Be loyal to you. Have fun!